First Ever Chapbook: The Lonely Mecha-Dragon

Wednesday November 19, 2008 @ 12:27 AM (UTC)

Through dangers untold, and hardships unnumbered…okay, mostly through printing problems and logistical errors, including some on my part (Captain’s Log: must…tell…artist…project due date!), I have produced my first ever chapbook. Well, once I stitched one together in a Book Arts class my pal Julie Madsen taught, but only a real completionist is going to argue that counts.

My first chapbook, brought into existence for the occasion of Orycon 30, consists of the (hopefully) humorous story The Lonely Mecha-Dragon, briefly published on this website and now polished into chapbook form. Most notably, it now has cover art by my fabulous friend Amanda Van Howe, who came through under duress with a lovely, classic mecha-dragon. Classic except for being mecha, that is! She is a very gifted illustrator and artiste and I feel very lucky.

The Lonely Mecha-Dragon, by Felicity Shoulders under the auspices of (coughherselfcough) Paracosmonaut Press, is a limited edition of 100, hand-numbered by the author! I will also sign them if given the slightest provocation. How can you get them? Well, first of all, by being named in the “Thanks” section (there go five or six of one-hundred), second of all, by coming to Orycon and paying the low, low Orycon price, and third of all…yet to be determined. Watch this space. But not for too long, you might get pixel-burn on your eyes.


My checking account might otherwise run low when the time comes. :)

I’ll probably be too busy with Orycon the next few days to send any out, but the amount I was paid this morning by my first non-Orycon customer is well below any minimum balance I’ve ever seen a bank mandate :p

Perhaps, but that just means I’d have enough if I wasn’t paying fees. :)

Anyway, post-Orycon if you have any left, please let me know. I’m sure we can find an agreeable arrangement.

Hope you’re enjoying!

I would like a chapbook, please.

How was the Con?

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