Orycon 30 appearance

Monday November 10, 2008 @ 12:58 PM (UTC)

As my literary godmother predicted, appearing at a convention proved to be a less remote possibility than I had thought. Time to rejigger the Fame-o-Meter, I guess! I made some inquiries about attending Orycon 30 in a professional capacity, and voila! I’m on the schedule. Orycon 30 is November 21-23 in downtown Portland.

Orycon 28 was the first (and thus far only) sci-fi con I ever attended, as a guest of one of my other good fairies, the scintillating Leslie What. It was a blast, dampened only by the necessity of making coffee drinks for $8.50 an hour miles away during some of the festivities. Well, that and the parking ticket, but I underwent that parking ticket knowingly in order to stay around awesome people for another half an hour! Orycon 28 was a grand old time, and I look forward to Orycon 30 with great excitement. And a little trepidation, but I tell myself not to worry. After all, it’s mostly talking to people, and I talk to people every day. Sometimes I even talk to cats!

Anyway, I’ll be on four panels and host one round-table conversation (schedule here.) Wish me luck, and perhaps I’ll see you there!


I know cool people! This is awesome!

Book your flight from Australia now, in case there’s a rush. :p

Thanks! Coming from people that know what they’re talking about (like you and a webcomic-marketer I am friends with) that does much to calm the nervous tissues.

the more I think about it the more a** I realize you’re going to kick at this Con. You’re bewitchingly wonderful when you talk about stories and books. Plus you’re extremely GOOD-looking.

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