At last, a blogroll!

These are not all the blogs I read: they’re all the blogs I read whose authors I know. If I’ve listed you with more anonymity (or a sillier name) than you would like, please let me know – I erred on the side of preserving my pals’ internet veils.

Writer Friends from my MFA Program

  • Adrianna: fictionist & fantasist blogs about writing, reading & grad school
  • Rusty Childers: fictionist & former Program Assistant blogs about his travels in Asia
  • Gail: fictionist & freelance reporter blogs about family life and writing
  • Jeannine Hall Gailey: poet and fairy godmother blogs about poetry, myth and seals
  • Julie Madsen: fictionist & tanka+haiku blogger blogs about life, music, et c.
  • Alissa Nielsen: fictionist and budding teacher blogs about writing and the arts
  • Robert Peake: poet and programmer blogs about philosophy, technology and poetry
  • Jan Priddy: fictionist and teacher blogs about art and coastal life
  • John Rember: Amazing writer, teacher, and author of “MFA in a Box” blogs about writing, weirdness, and the deep narratives
  • Katey Schultz: nonfiction writer and recent fictionist blogs about life, karate and writing
  • Thea Swanson: fictionist blogs about writing literary fiction
  • Leslie What: fictionist, nonfiction writer and visual artist blogs about writing, pop artifacts and canine misbehavior

Writer Friends from Elsewhere

  • Camille Alexa: Writer of spec-fic and spec-po, speedy editrix, style icon
  • Tina Connolly: Spec-fic and YA writer, professional face-painter
  • Pam Rentz: Fictionist and screenwriter blogs about gardening, cooking, other good things

Uncategorized Friends

  • Brunslo: astrophysicist and geek blogs about abandoning his friends for glamorous Oz
  • Emily: literature grad student & bibliophile blogs about life, teaching & YA lit
  • eudaemonist: classicist and photog blogs reading and snapshots of life
  • Grizelda: budding library scientist and science enthusiast blogs links, libs and berries
  • Jeff Rogers: psychologist & editorialist holds forth on politics & life
  • Ruth Rogers: engineer turned psych nurse blogs about sanity, flowers et c.
  • Ryan Grove: software engineer and getaway driver blogs about technology, annoyances and film
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