Useless crowing

Wednesday September 17, 2008 @ 11:39 AM (UTC)

You cannot say you were not warned. Last night, in the process of executing my day’s 4 pages of novel, I finished my current writing notebook and started a new one. (not Clairefontaine this time — I’m trying to use up the other blank books I have sitting around. If anyone actually cares why Clairefontaine is my paper product of choice, even compared with {new notebook} the wildly popular Moleskine, I would be more than happy to blog about that.)

The reason this transition is almost interesting enough to warrant your attention is that I started this new notebook August 14th. One month and two days to get through 192 pages, and they aren’t exactly mingy tiny pages either. I am massively proud of this productivity, and on top of it, September 16 marked one month without break of the 500 words a day project. I actually kept a resolution for a whole month! About something other than flossing!

Now I guess I’d better go recalibrate and figure out how many pages in a Moleskine is 500 typed….


Congrats on the progress! That is certainly worth patting yourself on the back.

Thanks! You make me feel less bean-county for broadcasting it to the world :p

I salute you & your PRODUCTIVA!!!! That is indeed an achievement. I wish I could be that consistent about anything for that long. (Furthermore, now you can carry this momentum right into the flossing. The gum recession doesn’t grow back!)

Hey! That’s not what the dentist told me! Don’t take my hope away!

Next notebook may take longer. The pages have the lines a little closer than I prefer, and there are a few more of them. Eek!

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