Comments on "Useless crowing" - Faerye Net 2008-09-19T09:02:25+00:00 Re: rah! 2008-09-19T09:02:25+00:00 2008-09-19T09:02:25+00:00 <p>Hey! That&#8217;s not what the dentist told me! Don&#8217;t take my hope away!</p> <p>Next notebook may take longer. The pages have the lines a little closer than I prefer, and there are a few more of them. Eek!</p> Felicity rah! 2008-09-18T20:43:29+00:00 2008-09-18T20:43:29+00:00 <p>I salute you &amp; your PRODUCTIVA!!!! That is indeed an achievement. I wish I could be that consistent about anything for that long. (Furthermore, now you can carry this momentum right into the flossing. The gum recession doesn&#8217;t grow back!)</p> Sister_sledge Re: Yea! 2008-09-17T22:55:17+00:00 2008-09-17T22:55:17+00:00 <p>Thanks! You make me feel less bean-county for broadcasting it to the world :p</p> Felicity Yea! 2008-09-17T12:19:58+00:00 2008-09-17T12:19:58+00:00 <p>Congrats on the progress! That is certainly worth patting yourself on the back.</p> Grizelda