Ah, to be a fangirl. Unfair as it is, “fanboy” is pejorative: most male fans don’t want to own a term associated with shrill youth, lascivious adults, myopic internet rants and over-insistent behavior
in autograph lines. “Fangirl”, on the other hand, tends to be used positively. Because of real or perceived statistical rarity, the fangirl is rare and mysterious: she escapes the contempt bred of familiarity. Thus it is, perhaps, that I have no particular shame about the fact that I am a big ol’ fangirl. Diagnostic help:

Top Ten Ways to Tell You’re a Loony Fangirl
You don’t wear your Batman hat shooting because of Batman’s aversion to guns.
9. You have dreamt entire episodes of “Star Trek: The Next
8. You watch movies and either loudly shout or inwardly mumble, “Batgirl could kick his ass.”
7. Your high school crushes were almost all fictional
6. You own at least one piece of merchandise from a webcomic.
5. Your last three Halloween costumes were Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Hutt Leia.
4. In high school you once wore black for 6 months — not because you were depressed,
but because all your sci-fi T-shirts are black.

3. Somewhere, you have 4 “X-Files: Fight the Future” movie posters.
Even though you didn’t really like the movie.
2. You started wanting merchandise that said “WWBD” (“What Would
Buffy Do?”) before you knew they actually make it.

And the #1 indicator that you are a loony fangirl:
1. You compare Rand al’Thor and Clark Kent in your blog.

Yes. Yes I am.


There really should be a picture of you in the dictionary under “fangirl”. I’ve known fans who were girls, but dear sweet Lord, you are the fangirl. Ever see the movie Free Enterprise? It’s chock-full of overexaggerated fanboy/girl cliches, and you’re even more of a fangirl than the fangirl in the movie.

I have not seen the movie.

I like being a fangirl. FANGIRL PRIDE!

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