Comments on "Top Ten Ways to Tell You're a Loony Fangirl" - Faerye Net 2003-07-01T15:26:54+00:00 Re: Fangirlosity 2003-07-01T15:26:54+00:00 2003-07-01T15:26:54+00:00 <p>I have not seen the movie.<br /> <br /> I like being a fangirl. FANGIRL PRIDE!</p> felicity Fangirlosity 2003-07-01T15:25:04+00:00 2003-07-01T15:25:04+00:00 <p>There really should be a picture of you in the dictionary under &#8220;fangirl&#8221;. I&#8217;ve known fans who were girls, but dear sweet Lord, you are <i>the</i> fangirl. Ever see the movie <i>Free Enterprise</i>? It&#8217;s chock-full of overexaggerated fanboy/girl cliches, and you&#8217;re even more of a fangirl than the fangirl in the movie.</p> wonko