Ms. Curmudgeon encounters Traffic

Sunday February 26, 2006 @ 03:04 AM (UTC)

I am beginning to wonder whether 25 is quite so young as my friends insist; or whether, perhaps, spending time by yourself in a consistent and internally sane world is very detrimental to your ability to cope with fools and insanity.

Every time I try to drive anywhere of late, I witness or suffer a potentially perilous situation caused solely by someone’s idiocy. Today, I had barely driven out of my apartment complex when it happened. I was waiting for a green light in a left-turn yield lane. The light turned green, and rather than proceeding straight or turning right, the gigantic grey SUV across the way did…nothing. I oonched out and considered whether I should just turn across her and risk tickets or smithereenification. There was no sign of eye contact beyond the smoky windshield, no indication of the well-meaning ‘generosity’ some people like to demonstrate by fouling up the entire traffic system. She just sat. Finally, she began to move forward, and as she passed me and the cars queued behind her began to file on their way, I could not help but give her a curious glance.

Perched in her gigantic autobeast, directing several tons of lethal Detroit steel around the burg, this woman was actually…wait for it…using her laptop. It was sitting in her lap, still absorbing at least half of her attention as she drove across the intersection.

I ask you, world, is there more folly than in previous months? Or have I, insulated in a nest of books, crafts, phone calls and teapots, become more sensitive to it? Must I, at 25, be a Curmudgeon? And does this mean that well before 40 I shall be an Old Bat?


...I once saw a guy playing his trupmet while continuing down the street at a good 25 mph!

Frightening world we live in.

Having played the trumpet, I’d argue that it’s much easier, and less distracting, to play a trumpet with one hand while driving than it is to use a laptop, or maybe even a cell phone. Not that I’ve ever done it. I’ll have to try that someday.

Hmm. Whilst the trumpet example trumps (HA!) mine in terms of sheer unlikeliness (and has a fillip of whimsy) I must concur with my learned colleague. A laptop requires your eyes and at least one hand to be used effectively; a trumpet, one hand and your breath. Your breath, I submit, is less pertinent to driving than your eyes.

However, it’s a DEV’LISH good story!

They don’t call it wardriving because it’s safe!

Ah. You’ve caught sight of the relatively rare oblivius laptopius. I actually worry more about the rise of the air-headed cellphoniator. They’re becoming quite common in my area and they’re equally dangerous.

I thought of that, but she didn’t have any air of geekiness or getting away with anything.

I’ve seen it all in the cross-lake afternoon crawl—books, of course, but my favorite was the guy taking bong hits in the Mt. Baker (I-90 tunnel.)

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