Comments on "Ms. Curmudgeon encounters Traffic" - Faerye Net 2006-02-28T14:21:48+00:00 In Seattle... 2006-02-28T14:21:48+00:00 2006-02-28T14:21:48+00:00 <p>I&#8217;ve seen it all in the cross-lake afternoon crawl&#8212;books, of course, but my favorite was the guy taking bong hits in the Mt. Baker (I-90 tunnel.)</p> sister sledge Re: A note 2006-02-27T14:01:54+00:00 2006-02-27T14:01:54+00:00 <p>I thought of that, but she didn&#8217;t have any air of geekiness or getting away with anything.</p> felicity Other sightings 2006-02-27T12:32:46+00:00 2006-02-27T12:32:46+00:00 <p>Ah. You&#8217;ve caught sight of the relatively rare oblivius laptopius. I actually worry more about the rise of the air-headed cellphoniator. They&#8217;re becoming quite common in my area and they&#8217;re equally dangerous.</p> dr512 A note 2006-02-27T12:01:26+00:00 2006-02-27T12:01:26+00:00 <p>They don&#8217;t call it wardriving because it&#8217;s safe!</p> EMeta Re: That's nothing... 2006-02-27T01:32:47+00:00 2006-02-27T01:32:47+00:00 <p>Hmm. Whilst the trumpet example trumps (HA!) mine in terms of sheer unlikeliness (and has a fillip of whimsy) I must concur with my learned colleague. A laptop requires your eyes and at least one hand to be used effectively; a trumpet, one hand and your breath. Your breath, I submit, is less pertinent to driving than your eyes.<br /> <br /> However, it&#8217;s a DEV&#8217;LISH good story!</p> felicity Re: That's nothing... 2006-02-26T12:11:15+00:00 2006-02-26T12:11:15+00:00 <p>Having played the trumpet, I&#8217;d argue that it&#8217;s much easier, and less distracting, to play a trumpet with one hand while driving than it is to use a laptop, or maybe even a cell phone. Not that I&#8217;ve ever done it. I&#8217;ll have to try that someday.</p> wonko That's nothing... 2006-02-26T06:58:27+00:00 2006-02-26T06:58:27+00:00 <p>...I once saw a guy playing his trupmet <strong>while continuing down the street at a good 25 mph</strong>! <br /> <br /> Frightening world we live in.</p> winter_in_asia