Tuesday July 24, 2007 @ 06:05 PM (UTC)

First you make a beloved scene, then you trample all over a beloved scene, then you wear a shirt expressing [y]our indignation at the trampling YOU did? You play with our emotions, Mr. Lucas!

P.S. The title of this blogget should be read in manner of Star Trek II Kirkism. That’s right, Star Trek. Chew on that, Lucas!


This could be perfectly understandable, if only the director who should not be named had a demonstrated sense of irony or subtlety. That’s the part that makes me hurt. Well, that and the lying to my kids about the number of Star Wars movies. We’re not even going to lie about Santa!


Did he change the scene in the new version? I thought he just added some cheesy CGI scenery and extra fireworks when the Death Stars blow up?

I liked the old version. I think aliens stole his brain in 1996.

Yes. In the original, Han shot Greedo under the table before Greedo could shoot him, thus proving himself a canny badass. But apparently Lucas decided that shooting an armed and dangerous alien at the RIGHT time was too MEAN for a main character, so in the rereleases, Greedo and Han shoot at the same time.

Hence many shirts from many sources reading, “HAN SHOT FIRST.” Because he did, and he’s a canny badass, WORLD WITHOUT END.

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