Fear me! For I am the Voice of Wanda!

Friday May 07, 2004 @ 12:56 PM (UTC)

I’m getting over my wee bug. The fever was gone in the morning Wednesday…the sore throat faded Wednesday night, and was largely replaced with some coughs and what I call The Muppet Voice of Doom! It is a reedy tenor with a distinct croaking quality. I feel, when I speak, that I am Kermit the Frog’s funky cousin Wanda, from the wrong side of the swamp. I envision a mottled frog-muppet with mis-matched gigantic earrings and a moth-eaten colorful hat. She carries a large carpet bag and gives out foul-tasting cough drops to children, pretending they’re sweets. Then she laughs at the faces they make.

The voice is improving as time goes on — I’m back at work today, despite the voice and the occasional cough. But heed my words and fear me, people, for I am the Voice of Wanda!


This is most likely my fault, as I was coughing at your house for three weeks. It might reassure you to know the scarey voice only lasted 3 days or so.

I hope you are feeling better with each passing minute.

Each passing hour, probably.

The weirdest thing today was when I set off to run to the coffee shack - something I do almost every day - and I felt…limp and heavy. Admittedly, I haven’t worn Docs to work for a while, but I think I’m puny.

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