Comments on "Fear me! For I am the Voice of Wanda!" - Faerye Net 2004-05-07T14:34:45+00:00 Re: Sorry 2004-05-07T14:34:45+00:00 2004-05-07T14:34:45+00:00 <p>Each passing hour, probably.<br /> <br /> The weirdest thing today was when I set off to run to the coffee shack - something I do almost every day - and I felt&#8230;limp and heavy. Admittedly, I haven&#8217;t worn Docs to work for a while, but I think I&#8217;m puny.</p> felicity Sorry 2004-05-07T13:01:36+00:00 2004-05-07T13:01:36+00:00 <p>This is most likely my fault, as I was coughing at your house for three weeks. It might reassure you to know the scarey voice only lasted 3 days or so.<br /> <br /> I hope you are feeling better with each passing minute.</p> grizelda