Fame-o-Meter unveiled

Wednesday September 24, 2008 @ 02:48 PM (UTC)

This gadget has existed in my brain for long eons (you might say the Mark 0 lacked substance.) However, I found myself referring to it the other day, as someone I met once attained one of the Fame-o-Meter’s highest tiers. That was the push I needed to make the thing real as part of the Felicity Self-Encouragement Wall (TM, under construction, buy tickets now).

Fame-o-Meter Mark 1

I’m not entirely satisfied that the rankings reflect the importance of the events, and I’m sure that in my haste to fill in the pre-existing benchmarks (Powell’s pillar, “Fresh Air”) with others, mistakes have been made. By me. However, calling it “Mark 1” wiggles me out of that nicely. As you can see, I aim both high and low. I hope to someday get prizes and such, but I have not put movie deals or TV interviews on the scale. What can I say? I try to be ambitious but reasonable.


Guest at con ranks as higher than getting an agent? Girl, I’m pretty sure you could guest at a con now…

Well, that’s one of the ones of whose placement I am unsure.

I doubt I could really guest now — I couldn’t swing a free ticket to the local con, even! But most of the people I saw at Orycon had books out — those that didn’t had multiple story credits and a side gig like editing. I’m not some fancy poet with a list of credits as long as her stylish sleeve, toting a bag of beautifully covered books about :p

On the Mark 2 perhaps I’ll place it differently.

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