Comments on "Fame-o-Meter unveiled" - Faerye Net 2008-09-25T10:59:59+00:00 Re: Hmmm... 2008-09-25T10:59:59+00:00 2008-09-25T10:59:59+00:00 <p>Well, that&#8217;s one of the ones of whose placement I am unsure.</p> <p>I doubt I could really guest now &#8212; I couldn&#8217;t swing a free ticket to the local con, even! But most of the people I saw at Orycon had books out &#8212; those that didn&#8217;t had multiple story credits and a side gig like editing. I&#8217;m not some fancy poet with a list of credits as long as her stylish sleeve, toting a bag of beautifully covered books about :p</p> <p>On the Mark 2 perhaps I&#8217;ll place it differently.</p> Felicity Hmmm... 2008-09-24T23:28:18+00:00 2008-09-24T23:28:18+00:00 <p>Guest at con ranks as higher than getting an agent? Girl, I&#8217;m pretty sure you could guest at a con now&#8230;</p> Jeannine Hall Gailey