What is this strange feeling?

Wednesday October 31, 2007 @ 05:11 PM (UTC)

I think it might be vague pride and approbation…adhering to…the Democratic Party?

You see, I just listened to an NPR rundown of the Democratic presidential debate yesterday. It was, as advertised, a pile-on-the-frontrunner. They were throwing stones at Hillary Clinton so thickly they probably blotted out the sun. However, they were throwing them, you know, at her. At the fact that she’s a mealy-mouthed weasel of a politician. Not, as the subtext of every Republican attack I’ve seen recently has screeched, that she’s ZOMG A WOMANZOR!

That’s my party. Infighting and backstabbing, perhaps…but at least they are calling a spade a spade, not a bitch.


I know exactly what you mean. I once had that same feeling where I thought I could approach the Dem’s with respect.

Turned out it was just a balance problem caused by sinus/inner ear infection. But man, at the time, I almost appreciated the party that is least far from my political views. It was a crazy few hours.

Maybe I should go lie down until my feeling goes away? :p

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