Monday November 03, 2008 @ 09:04 AM (UTC)

Howdy folks. Just letting you know that, after my big move, I’m now going to be moving in with my grandma for some weeks – she broke her hip but has rampaged through her physical therapy and just needs someone to help her out at home whilst she finishes healing. So I’m off to do the bending-and-twisting-at-the-waist parts of life for her. There should also be much Scrabble, and a lot of time for writing, so, hundreds of miles away from my boxes crying to be unpacked, perhaps I shall blog more diligently. Stay tuned!


I hope her recuperation goes well and easily.

Thankee. I was there last week, and she trounced me in all 1.5 games, so if that helps the healing process, she should be doing quite well indeed!


How lovely that you can be with her as she heals. Enjoy Grass Pants and I’ll think of you when I fly over on my way back south.

I shall certainly enjoy Grants “It’s the Climate!” Pass. I’ll think of you at Orycon, and hopefully get to see you as well!

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