Top Ten Favorite Fictional Ships

Sunday December 26, 2010 @ 01:38 PM (UTC)

Because I recently named a vehicle, this burning question has been on my mind. (Wikipedia links contain spoilers, natch.) List subject to change without notice if I remember any more awesome vessels!

  1. The Millennium Falcon – “I got your promise: not a scratch?”
  2. USS Enterprise-D – Icon of my formative years. I still physically wince when I watch “Cause and Effect”. Or Generations, but please, who doesn’t?
  3. Serenity – My favorite episode is “Out of Gas”.
  4. (SSV) Normandy – Hey, giving me a ship is a good way to engage my affections. If you have a yacht on hand, I invite you to check if this works for non-fictional craft!
  5. HMS Surprise - Yes, I know there are real HMS Surprises. But none of them have Jack Aubrey’s initials carved into the cap of the masthead, which this one does.
  6. USS Enterprise (-A) – It is a classic, I’ll admit.
  7. The Dawn Treader
  8. The White Star – Despite the dilution effect.
  9. USS Defiant – It looks like an anteater, but then, my high school mascot was an aardvark.
  10. Johnny Dooit’s sand-boat – From The Road to Oz. If anyone reading didn’t need to be told, then I salute you!


This is a fine collection of ships… I’m going to add more:

The Bajoran “lightship” from DS9’s “Explorers” episode.
The Battlestar Galactica. It was awesome in it’s original and awesomer in the remake… I’m going too add Vipers and Cylon Raiders (new ones).

I’m also going to mention a few others: The USS Defiant, The Borg Cube, totally agree on the Normandy, love Serenity – major character in the show.

Finally, The NEW enterprise is THE ship I most want to command. I’d love to get my hands on those ample nacells. Sexy sexy sexy.

Oh god, that lightship was gorgeous. If I had one I would name it the Sense of Wonder ;p

If I were going to include fighters, I’d have put X-Wings. But I don’t have an individual one in mind there, and really they don’t feel like ships. More like airplanes, whereas the Falcon, for all its bomber features, crossed into shipness.

Borg cube = evil. Over on Facebook one of my friends suggested the Pequod, but these are ships I have warm, fuzzy feelings about. I was tempted to put the Sulaco, but again, my feelings are not so fuzzy!

Those tachyon pulses do such delicious things with time.
Unrelated, but one of my grandmother sent me two tiny pewter elephants for Christmas. I immediately named them Darmok and Jalad.

However you feel about HGTTG, Heart of Gold is a truly awesome vessel. What other ship will turn you into furniture and bring you penguins?

More importantly, I’m not sure how you can define ship in a way that doesn’t require the TARDIS to be front and center on that list. It has a library in a swimming pool! Episodes set entirely inside it while it was traveling through space! Also, it rocks; especially with its new steampunky makeover.

I considered the Heart of Gold, but I didn’t find a genuine glow in my heart for it. As to the TARDIS, I have never seen a single episode of Doctor Who, so I’ve no idea as to the internal appointments of the TARDIS and no particular feelings directed toward it.


This is my first time reading your blog and so far I’ve liked what I’ve seen. :)

But I must add one more ship to your list, which I consider my favourite ship above all else (even though I do like the STNG-ships in general a lot). It is the mighty klingon Bird of Prey, of course, packed with hot klingons. Meow!

Well, despite my inclusion of the White Star, these are supposed to be individual ships, so I wouldn’t have used a whole class like that. The individual Bird of Prey with which I’m most familiar is the one they renamed HMS Bounty in Star Trek IV — despite the fabulous whale tank, not a ship amazingly productive of affection!

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