Today I "finished" my novel

Wednesday December 15, 2010 @ 10:00 PM (UTC)

I also “finished” my novel, for the record, last year at about this time in longhand, and some time later on the computer. But I wouldn’t let anyone read it, so the sense of “finished” which applied — has beginning, middle and end — was pretty farcical. Also, I later determined I’d chickened out on the ending and needed a new one. This “finishing” is a big, thorough revision — not the first, but the most thoroughgoing — with giant chunks of new material and a new end. It’s a whole thing, which someone is allowed to read. That’s today’s definition of “finish”.

This is the reason I hesitate to say anything about the state of the novel in public — or at least on the internet, which is like in public but louder and more persistent — the state is not determined. I know that what I have now is not what I’ll eventually send out. (Beta readers, start your red pencils! Yes, I know none of you probably use red pencils, and one of you at least probably doesn’t own one.) I know it will require more work. But getting it to this point, the point where I feel comfortable asking anyone, even Ryan, to read the whole thing and tell me what he thinks, was a job of work. Being here is a great and dizzy relief.

And how easy it was, now that it’s behind me! All that brain-mashing and despair, and really, it wasn’t so hard. All I had to do was write it! This must be the writer’s version of the endorphin rush that makes you forget the pains of childbirth. This is how we end up having more novels, and forgetting the horrible developmental stages we thought would never end. Just check back with me when the manuscript is in its Terrible Twos, when all the beta readers tell me how much they hate it. Then we’ll see who airily speaks of knocking out another novel or three!


I’m very proud of you. :-) I anxiously await more details you care to divulge.

Please, please, please? My qualifications:

  • I’m really lousy at rapid reading
  • I’m sometimes lousy at making my thoughts understandable
  • I’ll do it for free; and happily agree to purchase of final printed product provided I have the cash at all available
  • I’m certain I can find the time for reading, writing my thoughts up, as well as a significant number of follow-up calls or email trades
  • I have a large amount of knowledge completely useless to anything you’d likely write, and none useful to anything you would

I salute you! I’d be a terrible reader for you, but brava to Jan with the green pen. Classy. Smacks of formal editing training or experience, that green pen bit. Spot on.

I’m proud of you Dollface — and I’ve no doubt I’ll be even prouder when I read it.

Doesn’t it feel great?!

Congratulations! Kath and I have signed up for “editpalooza” with Savvy Authors, which might make us super busy. On the other hand, one of our manuscripts may not be ready, so that could give us space to be able to do a critique exchange.

Let’s chat about it—or we can talk on the 22nd at the next Writing Day!


Wow Felicity! That’s super awesome!

Do you still need beta editors? I’d love to help out. David and I good critical thinkers. We’re always helping our friend Ean flesh out his story ideas. It’s so much fun, and very rewarding.

(plus I just LOVE your writing, so any chance to get a sneak peak…) ;)

Oh wow! I have such an embarrassment of volunteers now, I feel quite rich. I promise I’ll make a list, but I cannot promise I will avail myself of everyone’s services, since so many have offered. You may end up being condemned to hoping it gets published — but on the bright side, if it does, it’ll likely be more enjoyable then than the beta draft would have been!

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