The Candy Boat has docked!

Saturday May 03, 2008 @ 07:46 PM (UTC)

Or, to stray from the Golden Ticket metaphor to the Real World, my first published story is on a newsstand near you (at least, it is on a newsstand near me.) Go to my totally dignified author site for all the par-ticulars!


Great story! :) Couldn’t help thinking about Alex J. Murphy’s reassuring words – “they fix everything.”

So tell me, what’s the difference between a short story, a novelette, and a novella? Word count?

Is this the thread in which we get to talk about “Burgerdroid,” or are you going to start another that gives spoiler alerts their due?

Indeed, word count is the determining factor. I’ve never heard the term ‘novelette’ used outside speculative fiction, so the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America are a great authority: answers from their FAQ.

Thanks for the kind words!

Enh…I don’t know. It’s my intention to keep and my Official Doings fairly separate (hence the link to the other site rather than full details here). So I wasn’t really planning on having a thread for discussion of the story anywhere—this was more of a celebratory FYI.

I don’t know why precisely I want to keep things separated, but I know I very strongly do. Of course you are quite welcome to e-mail me any comments, and the magazine has a web forum for readers should you want to canvass others who’ve read the ish. Maybe I should examine my reasoning about keeping things separate…I’m not sure.

But see, I am more interested in discussing the work with others who know more of your oeuvre. (Even Fayrie’s microfictions count!) I think you should at least add a forum to your author site.

I shall ponder this suggestion.

Always wanting me to add features to my author site are you. Every time I add anything to the author site, hear about it you will!

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