I’m posting from Norwescon on a borrowed netbook (thanks, Camille!) on a borrowed wifi network (thanks, next hotel over!) to share splendid news. Despite my tenuous connection to the outside world, I found out this morning that another story of mine has sold to Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine! The story is called “The Termite Queen of Tallulah County”, and it’s my third sale to editor Sheila Williams at Asimov’s.

This story marks two milestones for me. First, this means I have three and a half professional sales, pushing me over the three mark and allowing me to become a full member of SFWA, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. I’ve wanted to join for such a long time, so it was quite a thrill to have my membership upgraded today (in person!) by SFWA Secretary, Mary Robinette Kowal. “Junior Cadet” (Associate Member) no longer!

The second milestone also involves Mary: she is a member of my critique group, along with Dave Goldman, Damian Kilby and Garth Upshaw. Joining this group has done wonders for my short story output, and this is the first story I’ve sold that’s passed through the group’s hands. Thank you for your input and insight, fellow scribblers!

I will of course post again when I know the issue in which the story will be printed. Every time this feels a little more real, but it doesn’t get any less wonderful.


This is awesome and exciting news! How satisfying to have established a relationship with one magazine like this—one story sold after another. I love it!

Keep those fortune cookies coming, is what I say!

Thea — Yes! It’s especially fabulous because it was my dream magazine, the pinnacle of my idle publication fantasies long before I got serious about my writing. I am extremely and persistently happy!

Elaine — Oh believe me, I need no excuse to shirk cooking and get take-out. But also believe me, I’m taking that excuse and running with it, regardless.


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