Story sold to Asimov's: "Apocalypse Daily"

Wednesday August 25, 2010 @ 10:20 AM (UTC)

I am so very pleased to announce that I have sold another story to Asimov’s Science Fiction! Asimov’s has been dear to my heart for many years, and I am incredibly proud to have had four stories accepted there.

This story is called “Apocalypse Daily”. Many thanks to those who gave it a read, and to my cousin Sylvia who helped me with some vocab.

I was thinking, since of course I can’t offer you anything so concrete as a date of release or an issue, that I’d emulate Mary Robinette Kowal and offer you a teaser from the beginning of the story instead.

Apocalypse Daily

“How shall I end the world today?” Katrina Vang asked the ceiling. The ceiling didn’t respond, and her cat offered only a petulant mew.

“What kind of question is that to ask a poor dumb animal?” Natalie said from the doorway, and Katrina blinked to make sure she was actually awake. Right, her sister was supposed to be there. Sleeping on the couch due to a sudden lack of job and apartment.

“Traddles woke me up by sticking his paw in my eye socket. He owes me.”

“Still, you can’t ask the cat to do your job for you. End the world yourself.”


If you keep up this pace it’ll be cheaper for me to subscribe than buy the individual issues!

Ha! Well, if you subscribe through Fictionwise or Kindle, you can duck the postage to Melbourne.


I just read “Apocalypse Daily” for the first time yesterday, and loved it! The way you kept the story simple and focused, tying together the protagonist’s work conflict and the MMORPG she plays, was incredible! Definitely my favorite story in Asimov’s this year. Please keep it up, I look forward to reading your other work!

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