Readings ahoy!

Monday January 28, 2013 @ 07:42 PM (UTC)

Somehow I’ve neglected to remark on it here, but if you are in Seattle or Portland this week, you should stop by and hear me read in the SFWA Northwest Reading Series!

I’m reading at 7 pm on:
Tuesday, January 29 in Kirkland, WA at the Wilde Rover Irish Pub, with host Cat Rambo and fellow reader Grá Linnaea.

Wednesday, January 30 in Portland, OR at McMenamin’s Kennedy School, with host James Patrick Kelly and Grá Linnaea.

And if you can’t come, there’ll be a little free fiction (to relieve a cliffhanger) online…stay tuned! Many thanks to SFWA and to Jim Kelly for this opportunity!


Sigh. I never get to go. I feel like the dog watching me go out the door to work and Gary to the store—they get to have al the fun!

May your audience NOT ask you where you get your ideas.


Ha! This time, for this story, I’d have the answer ready ;)

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