Pie tracking enabled

Thursday June 11, 2009 @ 03:06 PM (UTC)

Yes, I will now be updating a list of all the pie types I’ve made, to be found here: Pies I Have Made.

Why am I doing this? Why do I assume you, gentle reader, care about pies? Well, firstly, it’s PIE, so why wouldn’t you? Secondly, as Spike would say, I hate to brag — who am I kidding, I love to brag! Alternatively, you can see this as a cry for help. I am obviously addicted to pie manufacture.

My memory may have failed me here and there — all the more reason to keep careful track from now on. This list is roughly chronological. Hopefully I will update it within the next few days with June’s Homemade Pie of the Month!

Some of you may be shocked, despite my tree nut allergies, to see that I’ve never made a pecan pie. I think. I remember having finished one my grandma started, but I’ve never soloed that pie flight. That will probably change this Thanksgiving.


But will you be giving direction on proper pastry crusts, when to use topping pastry as opposed to open-top or window panes, or cold filling a previously baked shell? Will you, in fact, ship pies on order?

What pie crust recipe do you use? I am a failure at pie crust. I’ve made a couple of strawbery rhubarb in the past month that barely satisfied. But I love that you have a pie database.

Oh heavens, Novel. Tips I can give when I know anything, but shipping pies sounds complex, messy, and potentially full of food-spoilage. Although, as Ryan would remind me, that’s why FedEx has a super-expensive door-to-door refrigerated white-glove option.

I use my grandma’s pie crust recipe, which she in turn got from a home economics columnist she ran into at a department store during WW2. This is interesting, but mostly relevant because it’s all-shortening — uses no butter ration!

If you want, I can e-mail you the recipe. I love Ken Haedrich’s pie recipes, but Ryan and I have tested Haedrich’s basic crust versus my grandma’s (extensively — we do love our pie), and we think grandma’s tastes better!

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