I have never taken part in National Novel Writing Month before this year. I have quite enough novels half-written without adding a sub-par rush-job to the stash, thank you very much! But for some reason I feel like doing it this year. I feel like writing a terribly pulpy novel with international intrigue, hard-boiled dialogue, and quite possibly violence. Why do I feel like doing this? The spirit of procrastination delaying my ‘quality’ novels? Shouldering the burden laid down by sister sledge last year? I am not sure, but I think I’ll have to go with Captain Kirk on this one. Because it’s there.

Now taking opinions on whether to serialize the thing here or on another blog, or to wait until it’s done and post all 50,000 words of it somewheres. To leave your opinion, please press the friendly ‘Post Comment’ link and type after the beep.

I’m lying. Please don’t wait for a beep.


I say wait until it’s done and post the whole thing. Cuz that way I won’t have to wait for more.

In the grand tradition of pulp serials! Also so you can resist the urge to edit what you’ve already written!

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