May Pie

Tuesday May 12, 2009 @ 12:51 PM (UTC)

Trying to avoid the last-minute shame of last month, I’ve made May’s pie, the unlikely All-Strawberry Pie. Yes, you heard me. No tougher plants to compensate for the squishiness of the strawberries. Just strawberries.

Oh, and this stuff:

Filling ingrediments
And the crust. “All-Strawberry” sounds more impressive, okay?

Anywho, it turned out well. Ryan claims he thinks it’s no mushier than apple, and while I wouldn’t go so far, its light balance of strawberries with mint, lemon and nutmeg is well worth it.

All-Strawberry Pie

As ever, May’s Homemade Pie of the Month is from a recipe in Ken Haedrich’s Pie: 300 Tried-And-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie. But with my grandma’s crust, since we like it best.


That strawberry pie looks D-LISH-USSSS. You said something in a previous post about a nectarine pie. could you please make it for me later this summer when nectarines are in season? nectarines are my favorite. except maybe for raspberries. also you know what’s good is raspberry/peach cobbler. Or peach/blackberry when you pick really, really ripe blackberries and they’re so sweet… a;ldfkja sdf;lkaj s drools on keyboard

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