Remember my novelette, “Long Night on Redrock”, which will be appearing in the July 2012 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction? It is the cover story for that issue!

I discovered last week that science fiction and fantasy illustrator Tomislav Tikulin had done a painting titled “Long Night on Redrock” which was clearly an illustration of my story, and yesterday I received confirmation in the form of contributor copies in my mailbox.

July 2012 Asimov's contributor copies

If you’d like to see the full painting, take a look on Mr. Tikulin’s website here — it’s pretty gorgeous.

I’ve never had my name on the cover of a magazine before, let alone had my story named and illustrated on the cover. I’m over the moon! If not over the titular desert planet of Redrock. Which is in that painting. Along with my main characters. And certain other story elements. On the cover of Asimov’s. Sorry, still getting used to this!

The issue should be arriving in subscribers’ mailboxes or on their Kindles soon, and it’ll be on newsstands May 8. I’m really excited about this story, which is again a little different from most I’ve had published. Read the teaser in my original post and look for it in the July issue! On the cover!


I can’t stand to be teased so I won’t read the teaser, but i have put May 8 in my calendar so I can visit my local (is it local?) independent newsstand in the U-District and pick me up my hot fresh copy!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! So exciting. :)

Oh, Felicity! That is such terrific news!

Another milestone on your way to stardom! Congratulations!
How many milestones before you get to sign the column at Powell’s?

Woo hoo! You crow as much as you want. That’s fantastic, and I’m so happy for you! I’m definitely buying it.


Looking forward to reading it, as well as your future cover stories.

Thanks, everybody!

I don’t know that there’s a firm standard for the pillar at Powell’s — I sort of imagined you needed a book at least, but I might try sweet-talking them with this cover, I suppose! ;)

Your dear mom emailed this to me and I had to write and congratulate you. We love SF and will be purchasing a copy to read. I can imagine how excited you were when you got the news. A soon to be fan!

Wow! Sooo Cool! Can’t wait to read it!

Thanks, Karen and Chris — I hope you enjoy it, and I thank my mom for so assiduously spreading the word :)

Congratulations! Haven’t received my subscription copy yet, but I can’t wait to read it.

Like the “Small Towns” issue of F&SF, this issue of Asimov’s will certainly jump to the front of my very long reading list! (And as you may surmise, I thought “Small Towns” should have been the cover story too—it was the best in an overall excellent issue.

Allen — Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked “Small Towns” so much and I hope “Long Night on Redrock” lives up to that — in its extremely different way!

Yeah, so I’m a little behind… something about working full time and having an adorable daughter who steals my attention the rest of the time.

Anyway, TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Congrats!

p.s. Was reminded to come check out the blog because I had a dream this morning that the two of us were in London drinking excellent tea and dining on fancy pastries.

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