It snowed!

Thursday March 09, 2006 @ 12:43 PM (UTC)

Here! Big chunky chunks of it! The latest I EVER remember it snowing here was in February, on my birthday, when I was little.

It turned into rain, eventually, but what a beautiful moment! Ryan SMSed me to look, and there it was. Big, fluffy clumps of flakes wafting down from the sky, flying casual, as if there was nothing to get excited about at all….


It snowed before the ice storms this year and two years ago. I also saw snow a few times up at OHSU. This is probably the first worthwhile snow I have seen round these parts. It was neither covered in ice before it could be enjoyed nor did it melt instantly. It was also wet enough for good snowmen. I saw some cute ones driving around town.

Wow, really? On our side of town it barely stuck - just roofs and cars and such - before the rain washed it away.

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