Tuesday August 03, 2010 @ 03:22 PM (UTC)

So, since I started using The Twitter, I haven’t posted a lot of extremely short bloggets. That’s why I haven’t blogged about Inception: I didn’t really have anything more to say than I put in this tweet:

Apart from bits of expo-rich clunky dialogue (& mild Zimmer) Inception was FANTASTIC. Best movie I’ve seen in a while. Don’t read, just go!

I didn’t want to give you spoilers. Or information of any sort. I went in totally without knowledge (I knew it was sci-fi, who directed and who starred. That was it.) and that felt perfect.

But I felt like it was worth reiterating in a shockingly content-free way for my blog readers who may not be on Twitter: Inception. Very good. So good I wondered while still in the foyer of the theatre whether there should be a cooling-off period or I should just add it to my list of favorite movies right away. So good Kyle and I spent 13 loooong pages of instant messages discussing and praising it the other day. So good I don’t really care too much that Hans Zimmer did the soundtrack (on first watching. It may really bother me on second watching, we’ll see.)

So please, do as I say: read nothing about the plot or premise, just go see the movie. If you like that sort of thing. And by that sort of thing, I mean Christopher Nolan, science fiction, or movies that are awesome.


Christopher Nolan ftw. I like that Nolan::Caine ::: Burton::Depp.
I now need to look up one of your blogposts on speculative fiction (I think it exists). :-)

Which one? In my capacity as conscripted Genre Warrior, I post a lot about it. :p

Yes, I like seeing Michael Caine doing good stuff too!

A good friend dismissed it as a “caper film” which is fine with me. I love caper films! But I also liked the ideas about ideas.


I love caper movies, too! Although I call them heist movies ;) I haven’t been thinking of it that way — more as a sci-fi movie in the sub-tradition of The Matrix, Dark City, and The Thirteenth Floor. But of course as I myself have argued, genre shouldn’t be restrictive, but descriptive. And of course, for DISMISSING a movie based on an idea of its genre I give your good friend the Hard Paddington Stare.

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