Inappropriate Workplace Humor Redux

Sunday December 17, 2006 @ 08:07 PM (UTC)

I have to suppress even more stuff now that I’m employed as a crew-member at Queequeg’s Qoffee Qasa than I did in my office are a few remarks I did not say over the past week.

“Little girl, you are so cute that you look eerily like an Asian ball-jointed doll!”

“Hi, fellow Queequeg crew member. Your name means ‘sorrow’ in Latin and mine means ‘happiness’ — we should be archenemies and fight to the death!”

And just today…”Here’s your drink…say, the color of your shirt would denote you an archbishop within the Episcopal Church!”

Yes, I do indeed keep myself in check.


Your definition of “inappropriate” is very different from mine. :P

That is precisely my response to this post as well. Sometime OFF-LINE I’ll share a few choice lines I’ve had thrown my way that will turn your hair white, mein liebchen.

I will admit that I had a similar thought about the title, but, well, that’s what I called the first installment years ago, and we at Faerye Net strive for consistency.

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