In which I prove my clumsiness AGAIN

Friday March 31, 2006 @ 05:37 PM (UTC)

Today I disassembled, and with the help of Miss Thursday, moved, a big unwieldy heavy awful desk. I sustained an injury. Did I sustain this injury in taking the thing into bits? In hoisting it to carrying height? In taking it downstairs? In shoving it into a vehicle? In getting it out again and wedging it awkwardly through a door just slightly too small? No, my injury was not so sustained (tho’ if it turns out that I’ve damaged Miss Thursday by squishing her between a desk and a huge monitor, it did happen during the furniture-moving and I apologize.)

I twisted my ankle pretty badly — worse than I’ve ever done it before, at least — by going downstairs too energetically. I AM THE QUEEN OF THE KLUTZES! ALL LESSER KLUTZES WILL BOW BEFORE ME!


I am hale and whole, no injuries sustained. I did kinda panic there for a minute, between a desk and a hard place. Even when not holding furniture I sometimes have a tendency to fall over backwards and it’s always so embarrassing when I crush other people’s computer monitors with my hinder.
I wish you bags of frozen peas for your ankle.

Actually, I found an unopened bag of rice that I had stuck in the freezer as insurance against cereal moths (Albertson’s has a bad record on said scourge), which made an excellent ice pack.)

An’ roight glad I am that you are hale indeed :)

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