In which I discover Technorati

Saturday October 07, 2006 @ 09:51 PM (UTC)

Perhaps it’s bad form to rag on a site whilst embedding a bit of blasted html code for their spiders, but Technorati really toasts my cheese sandwich. I thought it might be worth poking them into realizing this blog, while neglected, is not SIXTY-ONE DAYS neglected, especially as someone very cool, whose book you should buy, told me she’d run across Faerye Net via Technorati before she ever met me.

So, with an uncomfortable feeling of conformity, I tried to create a Technorati account. I filled in the fields, as one does, and pressed ‘submit’ as one does. It spat me back to the account-creation page without any error messages, and I finally realized that that apparently meant I had made an account. I decided to try using the site from Windows, as perhaps my Macintosh was confusing their brains and causing them to spit me back to account creation as a way of welcoming me into the fold. But no, I found, spitting you back places is pretty much what Technorati wants to do; while using my Windows computer, the site logged me off if I looked at it funny, or if, more accurately, I tried to ‘claim’ my blog, look at my account, or do anything besides look at the overbusy main page or the first help page. If I ever see their blasted account creation page again, I may defenestrate someone or something. This occurred in Internet Exploder as well as in Firefox. Oh, and did I mention that no matter how carefully I type my password, it spits me back to the account creation page 8 times out of 9? I suppose it’s possible that my computer is just not cool enough, but, sheesh. It’s been rebuilt so often it’s practically bionic. I guarantee it’s cool enough for you, old man.

So now I’m back on the Mac, which seems to be able to take part in at least the first steps of ‘blog claiming.’ Though now I feel I’m demeaning myself by jumping through their hoops. So here, Technorati, here’s your pound of flesh: Technorati Profile. Rasserframmit.

P.S. That sound you hear is my teeth grinding as they log me off another sixteen times and change their mind about whether I’ve claimed a blog or not. They can’t decide! It’s so complicated being a website! Oh noes!


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