How do you say "Conditional Love" in Polish?

Wednesday September 15, 2010 @ 04:31 PM (UTC)

I should find out in December, when my story will be reprinted in Poland’s anthology Kroki w nieznane (Steps Into the Unknown), edited by Mirosław Obarski.

This will be my second translation overall, and the first time one of my stories has been invited to a reprint anthology in any language. I’m very pleased, especially because the anthology has an interesting background and a history of very high-powered authors in its pages.

I’m so happy to see my stories travel around the world!


Oh, Felicity, you may joke about it, but I think I will soon hold a book of yours in my hands. I am so excited!

Felicity, I’m so curious about the process. How does a story in Asimov get into a Polish anthology. Please enlighten!

I’ll whisper your kind words to my little novel and perhaps it will feel invigorated and hopeful.

Oh! Good question, Thea.

In this particular case, the editor had read my story “Burgerdroid” and knew I had a new story out this year but couldn’t find the January 2010 back-issue, so he contacted me and asked for a digital reading copy of the story. Since it’s an awesome anthology, I was very happy to give him one. He read it, he sent a contract, and here we are.

There are some reprint translation markets to which one can submit stories, which I’ve heard about but have not researched. Also, some editors in other countries subscribe to magazines like Asimov’s — I don’t know for certain how the editor of Esli read “Burgerdroid”, but that’s one possibility.

That is much, much fun. I love these kinds of communication; it’s half the joy of it all.

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