I must respond to this article at the BBC site.

“But it will also show whether someone inside a house is looking to harm you, because if they are, their heart rate will be raised. And 10 years from now, the technology will be much smarter. We’ll scan a person with one of these things and tell what they’re actually thinking.”

He glanced at me quizzically, noticing my apprehension.

“Yeah, I know,” he said. “It sounds very Star Trekkish, but that’s what’s ahead.”

That doesn’t sound “Star Trekkish.” Star Trek was rather utopian. Or did you think reality TV invented this term “Big Brother”?

I can’t wait ‘til the first time they shoot someone in a house for having a high heart rate, and find out he or she was masturbating, can you? Temptation to join ACLU...rising….


So…not so hilarious if implemented. And may I say, leave it to the Brits, the champions of continuous closed-circuit TV monitoring. But the possibilities for falling through the cracks of this system are endless. “Gait DNA?” What if you are walking while trying not to fart? That would make you walk funny. And it is a documented fact that my gait is different as a pregnant woman—I currently, according to those behind me, waddle. (This is apparently “cute.”) Plus people walk differently based on the heel height of their shoes. Etc, etc!

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