Do you Duotrope?

Wednesday June 18, 2008 @ 10:20 AM (UTC)

I’ve mentioned it before on this website, but it deserves a more prominent mention: I love Duotrope’s Digest.

It’s a free website that lists markets for short fiction and poetry (sorry, nonfictionists.) As well as listing and categorizing them, giving some indication of how much they pay (if at all), and providing links to their websites, collects information on acceptances and rejections. From writers’ data, they compile really useful statistics on how long a magazine tends to keep your submissions, what percentage of submissions they accept, et cetera. You can make a free account to save favorite markets and contest deadlines, and most importantly, to track your submissions. You do the writing; they do the math.

So if you’re a poet or a short story writer, sign up and explore the site. It’s easy to use, and the statistics and Top 25 lists are interesting in and of themselves. It’s a remarkable resource, and it’s hard to believe it’s free. (Speaking of which, they run on donations and they need more this month. Whether you’re a writer or a reader, you might consider them in your charitable donations!)


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