"Conditional Love" on newsstands

Wednesday November 11, 2009 @ 11:29 PM (UTC)

The January 2010 Asimov’s Science Fiction with my story, “Conditional Love,” is available on newsstands and at bookstores! Many Barnes & Noble and Borders locations carry Asimov’s, and some independent bookstores — in either case, it’s good to call ahead if you haven’t seen previous issues there. The digital version does not appear to be available yet at Fictionwise, but I’ll update this post with a link when it’s available.

If you’re looking for this issue on shelves, here’s your quarry:

Magazine cover appears to show men in boater hats investigating a beached space squid

I’d like to keep this thread spoiler-free. If you’d like to discuss the story in depth, I can set up another thread for that, or you can hie you to the Asimov’s fora.

In case anyone is wondering, yes, it’s still incredibly exciting the second time around. The difference is that now it’s my third story out, and my second in Asimov’s, I can actually believe it without checking the table of contents every five minutes!

Thank you for your attention to this self-aggrandizing announcement.

Update, 11/24/09: The magazine is available digitally from the Sony eBook store. Have not found it on Fictionwise yet.

Update, 12/4/09: The magazine is now available digitally from Fictionwise. They sell all sorts of eReader formats and .pdf. Also, the magazine’s on sale right now!

Update, 12/17/09: Rich’s Cigar Store, an independent cigar and magazine shop in Downtown Portland, still has several copies of January’s Asimov’s, and they do ship. The February issue hits stands on the 22nd, so there are a few days left!


…is howcome your name’s not listed on the cover? They obviously still underestimate your worth!

I can’t believe I didn’t read your story yet. Probably because the magazine is buried under all my other reading.

Just for you spayshull, a Cameron story:
ME: Are you ready to have a giant double diaper in your pants? (pre-nap)
CAM: Yeah, GIANT!!!

Thanks for the support!

Ruth: It’s actually very reasonable not to put my name on the cover, since there are very few people who consider my name as a selling point at the present time. Namely, you and my other friends. Since you guys will find out about it from my incessant enthusing anyway, the cover doesn’t need to advertise my name!

Pam: Heh. I’m reading two different issues of ASF in different rooms, and just finished an issue of Realms of Fantasy. That’s just my periodical reading. So I’m the last to throw stones.

Sister_sledge: This diaperthusiasm bodes ill for my nephew’s eventual graduation to the bathroom.

It does NOT!!! It just means he likes giant stuff, obvy.

Now get cooking and write a new post. Poss topic: burden of fame.

Actually, there’s still one Terminator post clogged in the post-spout. But I’ve got fiction work to do, so we’ll see when I get to it!

While testing a friend’s Kindle, I read “Conditional Love”. I REALLY enjoyed that short story – it was touching and leaves me thinking.

I’m glad you got it published and will look for more stories from you.

Thank you, David! It’s very gratifying to hear that. Nothing gets me fired up to write and send out stories quite like knowing there are people who’d like to read them.


I’m happy that you linked the Sony E-book site because I had no idea such a thing existed, and it was quite fun to get the Asimov’s issue pronto (though I do like paper better). Your story is an important one with a wallop at the end. Plus, I like Dr. Langford’s first name…


Hi Thea! I’m glad you liked my story. AND glad you liked Langford’s name. She wanted to be named Thea, and I said, “But I KNOW a Thea!” but I had to shrug and go ahead anyway. I think this means you’re entitled to name someone Felicity if you want :P

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