Brave new faeryes

Tuesday May 20, 2008 @ 12:36 AM (UTC)

As promised and as you can see, Faerye Net has some new duds. This is more than a makeover, however. Instead of a terribly old mutant offshoot of Ryan’s blog software Poseidon, the site now runs on his latest and greatest, Thoth. Benefits to you, the reader, include the joy that is tagging (is it folksonomic if only one autocrat gets to tag?), the modern convenience that is full RSS feeds for articles and/or comments, and far less onerous commenting protocol.

Also, it’s perty.

There may be occasional hiccups for a while—the old blog posts and comments have been carried over, but they were not written with fancy text-formatting systems like Textile in mind, nor were they tagged, since in 2003 I thought tagging was something people did with spray paint. Please bear with me as I make Faerye Net ever more fabulous! And if I edited out a feature you liked, do comment. I can’t promise I’ll heed you, but I’ll listen politely.


Ooohhh, it’s lovely, I’m so impressed with the new look! And if I know Ryan, it’s every bit as lovely on the inside, too. I’ve been wondering if I could figure out how to get Thoth working on my provider’s server, and you’re making me want it even more!

It is awfully snazzy… and I’d been feeling all good about my Spring makeover of the “terribly old mutant offshoot.” Sigh. Anyhow, I need to go add your new digs to my RSS reader, as I had been confused by a bloginess “status update” when my reader didn’t think you’d posted anything new.

RSS feeds! Welcome to the twenty-first century!

Now I can comment, perhaps why not? Terrific!

Well, I HAD an RSS feed. It just didn’t have an icon next to it, and didn’t provide full text, so you had to click through it regardless.

Now you can get RSS of all articles, all comments, just comments on one article (from that article’s page) and I believe if you click on a tag you can get RSS of everything posted with that tag. It’s RSSotastic!

Thankee, my friends.

Griz – yeah, I didn’t know any way (short of making a blog post just saying “this RSS feed about to break”, which perhaps I should have done) to make the changeover clear. I’m glad you trucked over and found the updates regardless!

I once made an RSS feed using a sharpened stick to impress crude symbols into clay tablets. But without the little RSS icon, nobody knew it was there.

Oh, hush. It was 2003! Had they even invented the icon yet?

I can’t figure out when Mozilla invented the icon, but Microsoft and Opera didn’t adopt it until 2005 and 2006.

“Although RSS formats have evolved since March 1999, the RSS icon first gained widespread use in 2005/2006.” (

Indeed, but if you can figure out when Mozilla invented it, then you’ve a longer attention span than I!


I like the look. I do note, however, that it now issues cookies on visit instead of on login, and that the comments are sorted by time instead of by thread. The latter is a little bit distracting to this lazy bum.

Regardless however, congratulations. It looks far nicer!

Come to think of it, there was no login. So anyone can be anyone.

It is true what you say, friend Novel. That was one of the objections I raised to Ryan when he updated HIS site. However, no trouble has arisen for him, and in fact I haven’t seen trouble arise at far higher-traffic and more political sites I frequent with similar systems. As site admin, I have access to IP addresses, just in case.

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