An Epic Lament in an Unknown Tongue

Friday January 09, 2004 @ 01:56 PM (UTC)

Ip trinlet finswickle paliwap zu;
Iffel tin if twadi tri kippen tefru.

Ka rem, swa kibitril baket imla.
Ka tsu im twibi kaln neti widiba.

Farul, kwi tabi likatep ifit wimtok!
Farul im chabit, kilfeltwim ik pibit ekvok!

Ek witi eftwil karasad, lin twigil baki ti —
Kel viti kabat Farul twass, wintipi kibech ri.

Comments’ve gone COMPLETELY round the bend!

The words are cute, though. :)

Wait, wait.

You are calling me crazy? It is unwise, considering that I have pictures of you adopting a ridiculous martial arts pose whilst I defend myself with a broom, little Miss Pot!

the Kettle

This reminds me of one time when I had an entire conversation (on ICQ) with Wonko in an unknown tongue. As far as I recall, it involved noses and mucus and very intelligent trousers…

What? Really? When was this? Are there logs? Was I, technically speaking, conscious?

It was probably more than a year, perhaps even two, ago, and alas, all records of the incident seem to have been erased. I recall you having a rather bad cold on the occasion, though…

Ah! Ah yes! I remember that! The worst cold I’ve ever had. Lasted months.

I believe the conversation started with me telling you I had learned how to say “My nose is full of mucus” in Esperanto (“Mia nazo estas plenplena del muco”).

That sounds about right. From there, it deteriorated into a conversation in a language, invented for the occasion. The really scary part is that this didn’t seem to be an impediment to the dialogue!

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