Small joys

Sunday June 24, 2007 @ 03:33 PM (UTC)

A small joy from my grad school Residency, rife with joys of all sizes: sitting in front of a notoriously enthusiastic poetry professor at a poetry reading. His good-poem exhale (you know this exists, right? Go to a poetry reading, a good one, if you don’t. Synchronized exhales when the poem ends) is louder than average, and if someone’s poem is really good, he’ll say, almost subconsciously, “Geez!” I used to fear mentioning it to him. I thought maybe he’d suppress it if he knew he did it. But I am sure now that he knows, and knows we love it, and knows that when he lets out, as he did two nights ago at one of Joe Millar’s poems, the entire name-in-vain, “Jesus Christ!” it is the best and most sincere compliment.


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