Recent uses of Book Darts, part IV

Friday May 23, 2008 @ 11:14 AM (UTC)

“There is such a thing as the poetry of a mistake, and when you say, ‘Mistakes were made,’ you deprive an action of its poetry, and you sound like a weasel.” – Charles Baxter, Burning Down the House

“The twentieth century has built up a powerful set of intellectual shortcuts and devices that help us defend ourselves against moments when clouds suddenly appear to think.” – Charles Baxter, Burning Down the House

“All moralizing implies some knowledge of the future.” – Charles Baxter, Burning Down the House

“They’ll never know it’s actually possible for a boy to be so boring you’d agree to kiss him just to get him to shut up.” – Alice Hoffman, Local Girls

“Sam laughed. ‘I’m very gullible when it comes to my own words. I believe everything I say, though I know I’m a liar.’” – Roger Zelazny, Lord of Light

“It would be nice if there were some one thing constant and unchanging in the universe. If there is such a thing, then it is a thing which would have to be stronger than love, and it is a thing which I do not know.” – Sam, Roger Zelazny, Lord of Light


I agree that the use of the passive voice makes one look like a weasel.

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