Oh my oh my oh my

Wednesday October 15, 2003 @ 01:54 PM (UTC)

Should I tell you? You’re competition! But you’re my audience…I shall! Powell’s is giving away the OED to celebrate that beautiful tome’s 75th birthday. 20 volumes! A $3,000 value, they say! How can they set a value on that book! How I’ve missed it since I left the sheltering nest of the CWRU IP block…How glorious should it be mine!

Hey, I see you entering! It’s mine! SCAT!


Okay, so I threw my name in the hat and I hope I win instead of you. Sorry! ;-)

I very much enjoy my Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, but two volumes just isn’t the same as twenty! I mean, what about all those times when you want to look up a word that hasn’t been used after 1700? Umm…well, actually, I don’t need to do that much. But it’s the principle of the thing. Right?

Ack. Don’t be like me and enter your email address before reading the not-so-fine print that says “All entrants will receive special offers from Powells.com — discounts, rebates, signed editions, and more!”

Just what I need. More email. I’d better win.

But you can unsubscribe after the first one. And they won’t sell you out.

Well, if you DO win, look up the word “grotty” and call yourself it from me!

If not, don’t.

And, at least at school, I had to look up words like that a fair bit.

You underestimate how lazy I am. And it’s a weird kind of laziness, too. I’d rather tweak spam filters for three hours than click a few links to unsubscribe from something. Weird, huh?

Plus, the Powell’s newsletter has cute Fup bits.

But I registered before you posted… otherwise, of course, I would never have tried to get in on your OED action. cough

Well, if by “grotty” you mean “Unpleasant, dirty, nasty, ugly; generally displeasing or disagreeable,” then I don’t need to win to look it up… tell me to call myself something that I’ll only find in the OED and then I’ll be impressed ;-)

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