My mailbox has size classes!

Tuesday October 04, 2005 @ 10:21 AM (UTC)

In Outlook 2003, when you sort by size of message, it gives little category headers. ‘Tiny’, ‘Small’, ‘Medium’, ‘Large’, ‘Huge’… Thanks to the wonders of the Intarweb, I don’t have to check my Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook…those are EXACTLY the progression of size classes which appear in D&D, between Diminutive and Gargantuan. Suddenly getting e-mail at work is way more fun. Messages with Word Docs attached are like goblins! And when I deal with someone’s gigantic, photo-laden PowerPoint presentation and delete the file when I’m done? I’m slayin’ giants.

Aww yeah.


You know you play too many RPGs when…

Nonsense! I don’t play nearly enough RPGs.

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