It's all gone wrong

Monday January 01, 2007 @ 11:40 PM (UTC)

I should never have agreed to it. But you get stupid when you have a stiff to unload, and the guys have a reputation. A reputation for lighting fires, but also for being prepared. The price was high, but nothing I couldn’t afford. So I stripped the body and left it where they said. But I eyeballed the drop again tonight and there it still is, large as death. Either the reputation is the bunk, or I’ve been played for a patsy.

Never trust a Boy Scout, and dispose of dead trees yourself.


Holy Crap. Nice website!

Hee. Thank you, but I must say to me it looks rawther shoddy just at present, due to my not having posted new content in ages and ages. Welcome to my lair, though!

I’m impressed by the build of it. The whole logging in thing is intimidating.

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