I surrender.

Wednesday November 30, 2005 @ 10:07 PM (UTC)

I’m beginning to think that I am, by nature, an optimist. Certainly as I sit here on the last day of my visit to my parents, a visit I rashly envisioned leaving plenty of time to write another 5,000 words on my NaNoWriMo novel, I seem to have been irrationally so. After all, I thought, surely I’ll need to sneak off by myself and steal a little time alone with Puck. I’ll need to get away from the bustle of people at Thanksgiving! I’ll have an hour or two to myself after my parents go to bed!

HA. NO. I may manage to squeeze out another chapter tonight, thus pushing me a little farther over a measly 10% of my goal. Why have I failed in the challenge? I wasn’t strict enough with myself about it, of course, but also, I think I failed utterly to just produce without caring much about quality. I rather like my cheesy little story. And for that reason, I shall not leave off as the clock strikes twelve tonight. I shall carry on, I hope, until it is finished. Maybe, just maybe, before November of next year. (I’m trying to temper my optimism…)

Update: 12.466% of goal. Tra-la!


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