I missed Blog for Choice Day this year

Thursday January 24, 2008 @ 10:50 PM (UTC)

In my post-Residency haze, I have overlooked Blog for Choice day, which I did observe last year. I won’t try to emend that now, but I will observe, as I did last year, that the anti-abortion-rights crowd in America is extreme, and would garner even less support if the woman and man in the street realized the extent of their views.

Case in point: Mike Huckabee supports banning hormonal contraception (that includes, of course, not only the Pill, but the Patch, the Shot, the Ring, et c.)

I’ve tried writing one or two more sentences after that, and I’m afraid it can only turn into pages and pages. Look: the Culture War is not a shooting war. I know and love people who disagree with me on abortion rights. I don’t think those people want to take away the tools that allow women (and men) to start a family when they want to, when they’re ready; that stabilize hormonal imbalances and have many other health benefits, some of which are only now becoming clear. Get this information out there, including, however delicate the topic might be, to your anti-abortion-rights family and friends. This guy is an extremist. Don’t vote for him.


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