Give us back our kitten!

Wednesday July 26, 2006 @ 09:38 AM (UTC)

Qubit and Tazendra had, at first, a rather distant relationship; that is, if you can call something a ‘relationship’ which consists largely of hissing from ten feet away. Gradually, the big scaredy-Qubit realized that, despite her youthful exuberance, Tazendra was a little slip of a thing and could not harm her, Qubit, in any meaningful way. Diplomatic relations were established:

Circling warily
Initiating contact...

Boundaries were established and tested:

But these days, it seems that the Qubit-Tazendra relationship, while still largely centered on wrasslin’, is cordial and affectionate. Qubit will begin the tussling herself, and even exit the sanctum of wonko’s computer room in order to pounce on her playmate. Qubit occasionally sniffs and nuzzles at Tazendra in a sweet manner, as if, if only Tazendra did not respond to all attention from her elder with a mad pounce, she might consider washing her.

Yesterday, I had to take the little tyke back to the shelter to get spayed. She was brave and silent on the car ride over. This procedure done, I shall officially adopt her, and there will be much rejoicing. However, in the meantime, Qubit and I are mopey. There is no little bundle of chaos ready to pounce on us, knock over our dishes, or please us with her loud and ready purring. Last night, Qubit looked high and low for her little friend, but she was nowhere to be found.

She looks high...
...and looks low.
They are probably operating on her right now. We cannot wait. We want our Tazendra back NOW.


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