Dear Mrs. Fiction,

Tuesday December 13, 2005 @ 10:05 PM (UTC)

I know you gave me a poor grade on my report on Sharks and Dolphins, claiming that your last name was “not an excuse to foist nonsense on the class”. However, it is my duty as a citizen of the dolphin-protected Earth to tell you that the dolphins have a new ally.

Elinor Roberts, Grade 4

Update: Now with WORKING LINKS!


I’m afraid I don’t quite get this Escheresque prank. Is it just me? :o*

I don’t know how I missed the original, but this is great.

The webmaster is simply posting a copy of the actual letter (email, I imagine) sent by Miss Roberts, probably bcc’d to her.

I am quite certain that Miss Roberts is as fictitious as our dear Mrs. Fiction. What I’m wondering about is merely whether there should really be a link under the text “the dolphins have a new ally,” pointing to somewhere specific in cyberspace…

Just because she’s fictitious doesn’t mean that she doesn’t exist… Like Gaiman writes in Dream Country (Sandman 3), Puck exclaims, “This is magnificent—and it is true! It never happened; yet it is still true. What magic art is this?”

Is it a bit conceited? Maybe. But I think Elinor has earned some existential rights, if for nothing else than her qualified scholarship.

Perhaps Felicity just forgot to cross a T or |wo, but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt…

...As long as she writes more on here soon! Or at least tells us why she’s not…

It’s not just you. This is why I USUALLY check all my links after posting.

An’ yes, EMeta, I promise I’ll post soonishly about why I’m so narty and what I’m up to. To what I am up. To which what I am up and down. Hrm.

Thanks for the update – and I must say, that was a very cool movie. And something I had never imagined, either. I’m quite surprised no one thought this was worthy of an entry in Journal of Marine Ecology.

Ever thought of extending your literary skills into the field of scientific publication? ;o)

That means “skies” in Polish. What does it mean in English? :o)

It’s a way a British schoolchild misspells ‘naughty’ in a children’s book I like.

Yes, I do have an odd relationship with language. Why do you ask?

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