If anyone still wants to discuss my story, “Burgerdroid,” which appears in the June 2008 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction, I am opening up a thread for discussion as requested here.

Please observe the following provisos: spoilers are fine within the text of your comment, but please refrain from spoilage in the title of the comment so as to spare any unspoiled produce reading the ‘Today’s Comments’ page. And, umm, I can’t think of any more provisos, so…”Burgerdroid” does not have a space in it, so there! Spell accordingly!


... but I was slightly confused on one point: the “inhibichips”. Did the employees choose to have these implanted, or were they part of the job?

Even with this minor spot of confusion, I thought it was a delightful piece of work, Felicity! The story itself was fun and interesting, and the writing was nice and tight- no wasted words, but not excessively spartan, either. Kudos are most definitely in order! :-D

Think of it as the ultimate NDA.

I’m really glad you liked it, thankee!


That would shatter the dress code to pieces. Pieces of AWESOME.

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