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Tuesday November 09, 2010 @ 06:02 PM (UTC)

In my new vein of attempts at unusual con reports, here is a report on what I’ve been doing since last Thursday (since I’ve not been blogging, or even reading twitter, or responding to many emails…) I was at Ambercon Northwest, a gaming convention dedicated to the worlds of Roger Zelazny’s Amber and the Amber Diceless Roleplaying System. It is held at McMenamin’s Edgefield and it is awesome. Only read ahead if you care at all about Amber and/or gaming.

Questions most often asked of me at my first Ambercon Northwest

Questions not asked: I can’t recall fielding any questions about my hair, which is unusual. Even at World Fantasy I got questions about my hair, and out in the workaday world, it’s almost daily.)

Aren’t you a little young for Amber? How’d you get into this?
At the first meeting of my critique group, Dave Goldman prefaced a comparison to Amber with “This would only occur to someone of my generation”, and I had to show him the margin note where I’d written the same thing. I think I’m an honorary member of the sci-fi-reading class of 1971, since the way I read science fiction as a child and even as a teen was to go to my father and ask for a book. Sometimes I even held my hands out in a ritual gesture, waiting to receive the next Science Fiction Book Club hardback. This is why I’m Generation X/Y (cusp!) and my childhood SF favorites were by Asimov, Simak, and Zelazny.

How did you find out about Ambercon?
The fabulous Lee Moyer, illustrator extraordinaire, posted his latest Tarot-inspired T-shirt design for Ambercon Northwest on Facebook. I was immediately mad to know more. Amber? Con? NORTHWEST? (As it happened, Lee ended up coming to ACNW for the first time this year himself, after years of designing their shirts, and we saved the universe together at least once.)

You’re from Portland?
Oh yes.

How did you not know Ambercon existed then?
I DON’T KNOW. I’m starting work on a theory of geek insularity, though, thankee very much!

Which was your favorite game?
(Look of slack-jawed indecision)
I think next year I’ll do even more Amber games. There are non-Amber games that Amberish people would enjoy — mostly using the system or diceless — and those were fab as well, but there’s something about Amber. Still, I didn’t regret signing up for a one, even the one I found out afterwards was a LARP (my first.) That one, trying for a Princess Bride feel, was hilarious.

Are you enjoying your first Ambercon?
Ambercon was a busy, fabulous, full four days of top-notch gaming. I can see why people cross continents and oceans to get to it. I want to come next year, and run games, and stay at Edgefield so I don’t have to drive home every night, and come the next year, and help the organizers out…I’m sort of in love. May all roads always lead to Amber!


It was so great to have you there. There must be more Amber gaming in Portland, I declare!


If you declare it, it must be so! (Plus, who wouldn’t want that!?) Seriously, let me know if there’s anything I can help with as next year approaches…you do so much and the result is so incredible!

It was grand to meet you, and grand to have you in my game! Hope to see you when I’m down around the Portland area for writing or gaming or socializing! So glad you made it to ACNW!

Thank you for everything, Kath, and maybe I’ll see you in either town one of these days!

One of the best parts of ACNW for me is meeting new cool people. I’m very glad you had such a good con, and I’m sorry I missed you! Next year, perhaps.

I have every intention of attending many more Ambercons, so I’m sure there’ll be ample opportunity for us to meet. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Malcolm!

Smug, even. Although I’m sad that I may not see a lot of you next year, if you’re focusing on Amber games. (You’re gonna miss the Doctor Pooh game…..)

Well, I really enjoyed our League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen as well, so if he puts it together again… ;)

I miss all Doctor Who games. I’m that rara avis, a confirmed geek who has never seen a full episode of Doctor Who.

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