Posts tagged with "fiction" - Faerye Net 2013-01-30T07:56:54+00:00 Felicity Shoulders "Small Towns" available to read online! 2013-01-30T07:56:54+00:00 2013-01-31T21:03:20+00:00 <p>Because I am not the sort of person who likes to hear half a story myself, I don&#8217;t like putting others in that situation. Therefore, when I chose to read my novelette &#8220;Small Towns&#8221; at the <span class="caps">SFWA</span> Northwest Readings this month, I decided to plop the full text online for everyone to finish reading, whether they made it to the event or not! It&#8217;s a very different sort of story from &#8220;Conditional Love&#8221;, the other story I&#8217;ve <a href="" target="links">made available online</a>, and I like the contrast quite a bit.</p> <p>&#8220;Small Towns&#8221; is a historical fantasy novelette, first published in the January/February 2012 issue of <a href="" target="links"><em>F&amp;SF</em></a>. Thanks to the kind offices of my co-protagonist <a href="" target="links">Ryan Grove</a>, it&#8217;s available <a href="">as a web page</a> or you can download the <a href=""><span class="caps">PDF</span></a> or <a href="">ePub file</a>.</p> <p>Here&#8217;s the teaser for those who didn&#8217;t make it to the readings:</p> <blockquote> <center><b>Small Towns</b></center> <p>When Jacques Jaillet was a small boy, he brought home a pocketful of sand from the seaside and dribbled it slowly onto the floorboards of his little room. He made long avenues and cottage roofs, rows of shops, garden walls, a church with a fragment of shell for the tower. Then, for no reason he could later recall, he took a deep breath and blew it all away, the shapes and the order, the grains themselves skittering under the baseboard, gone forever.</p> <p>When Jacques returned to his market town in 1918, past his middle years, it looked as if here, too, a monstrous child had finished playing and had blown the town, the streets, the houses and shops from the face of the Earth.</blockquote></p> <p>Go and <b><a href="">read the rest!</a></b></p> "Long Night on Redrock" is on newsstands! 2012-05-09T23:49:54+00:00 2012-05-09T23:50:16+00:00 <p>The July 2012 issue of <a href="" target="links"><em>Asimov&#8217;s Science Fiction</em></a> is out on a real or virtual newsstand near you! My novelette &#8220;Long Night on Redrock&#8221; is the cover story, with art by Tomislav Tikulin!</p> <center> <p><a href="" target="links"><br /> <img src="" border="0" /><br /> </a></p> </center> <p><strong>Note:</strong> The table of contents mistakenly lists &#8220;Long Night on Redrock&#8221; as a short story &#8212; it&#8217;s a novelette, I promise. A very long one, at that!</p> <p>&#8220;Long Night on Redrock&#8221; is different from my previously published science fiction in many respects: it&#8217;s by far my longest published work, and it&#8217;s set on a different planet in the far future, just for starters. It was an enjoyable challenge to write, and I&#8217;m really excited for readers to see it. Please, get out there and read it! Especially if you love space marines. (What am I talking about, everyone loves space marines!) You can read a short teaser <a href="" target="links">in this earlier blog post!</a> Or if I had you at &#8220;space marines&#8221;, go get a copy!</p> <p><strong>Getting a paper copy:</strong> Traditional newsstands often carry <em>Asimov’s</em>. Many Barnes &amp; Noble locations carry it, but it’s best to call ahead if you’ve never seen it at that particular store before. You can&#8217;t miss it, it&#8217;s the one with the awesome lion roaring, and my name on it!</p> <p><strong>Getting a paper copy in Portland:</strong> If you&#8217;re local, you can shop local at <a href="" target="links">Rich’s Cigar Store</a>, which carries <em>Asimov’s</em> in their extensive magazine collection. The main store on SW Alder has the most copies. Also, the main store will ship magazines to out-of-town customers &#8212; just give them a call if you&#8217;re in a fix.</blockquote></p> <p><strong>Getting a digital version:</strong> <em>Asimov&#8217;s</em> is available in <a href="" target="links">kindle edition</a> and <a href="" target="links">several other formats</a> &#8212; in case you, like my characters, live in the future.</p> Novelette sold to Asimov's: "Long Night on Redrock" 2011-10-19T18:26:51+00:00 2011-10-19T18:27:24+00:00 <p>I am overjoyed to announce my second novelette sale! This one is far-future science fiction, and it will appear in <a href="" target="links"><em>Asimov&#8217;s Science Fiction</em></a>.</p> <p>Many thanks to my lovely readers! It wasn&#8217;t hard to find them for this piece, because it turns out <em>everyone loves space marines</em>. Even retired ones.</p> <p>Here is a teaser of my novelette! You&#8217;ll know more about where to find the rest of it as soon as I do:</p> <blockquote> <center><strong>Long Night on Redrock</strong></center> <p>“If you’re exploring the town, you should stop walking,” Peder Finn called down from his porch. The stranger, a fair-haired man bent under a backpack, paused at the gate. Peder pegged him for an offworlder. A dozen telltales said as much; from his low-topped shoes, likely to let in sand, to his unshaded eyes, without tanned-in squint or sunglass marks. It was almost aynid harvest, a suspicious time for an offworlder to come visiting.</p> <p>The man took in the dusty yard, where Peder’s children had lined and stacked rocks into an imaginary city and set a carved toy horse on an overturned bucket to reign. Finally his gaze settled on Peder, who had paused in carving another toy, a long strip of synthwood still hanging from his knife.</p> <p>Peder produced a noncommittal smile. “Nothing that way you want to visit.”</blockquote></p> Too cozy for comfort 2011-08-22T14:11:48+00:00 2011-08-22T14:14:47+00:00 <p>I&#8217;m listening to a cozy mystery on audiobook. You know the sort of thing I mean: no gore, no guns. Just a puzzle and a well-behaved British sleuth working it out. I wasn&#8217;t too many chapters in before I thought, &#8220;this may just be <em>too</em> cozy for me.&#8221; At first, I thought it was a certain tendency of the author to include too many non-telling details: she turned right on Such Street and walked north to Another Street before proceeding west on Yet Another&#8230;she folded her newspaper under her right arm. But as I closed in on the three-quarter mark in this book, I realized that I had yet to meet an unpleasant character.</p> <p>There&#8217;s conflict: World War I and its aftermath, the struggles of a character transcending her social class&#8230;I&#8217;m not a huge conflict addict myself, I can make do. But when I realize that I&#8217;m reading a book <em>with the breakdown of social class as a theme</em> where no character shows any attachment to the old ways, and the high-class characters show no evidence of reluctance to change, vested interest in a system that privileges them, or snootiness toward a &#8216;social climber&#8217;&#8230;I stop believing.</p> <p>I harp a lot on the Vivid Fictive Dream described by John Gardner in <a href='' title='More info about this book at' rel='powells-9780679734031'><em>Art of Fiction</em></a>, so maybe you&#8217;re sick of it. But this sort of thing &#8212; a world with no jerks, no snobs, no self-absorbed idiots making trouble for characters &#8212; breaks the reader&#8217;s suspension of disbelief. We&#8217;re used to accepting, even if we feel a few steps removed from them, flawless protagonists (perhaps especially in mysteries) but flawless supporting cast? Flawless extras? An entire Europe, hell, an entire <em>World War</em> with no human flaws? It&#8217;s cloying, and it&#8217;s <em>unbelievable</em>. As Agent Smith says, &#8220;The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from.&#8221;</p> <p>I love escapist literature. I have comfort books where the hero saves the day and all evil is defeated. These are not particularly realistic things, but a good author can make me believe in them &#8212; and one of the ways you convince me to believe in your happily ever after, in spite of everything I know about human nature and the capacity things have to fall apart, is not to lie to me unnecessarily on the way. Gardner tells us that the novel &#8220;imitates the world in all its complexity&#8221;. That means jerks and petty tyrants, even if you&#8217;re not telling a story that needs epic tyrants or sociopaths. The thing about readers is we want you to lie to us, but we want you to tell us a lie we can believe.</p> "Apocalypse Daily" is on shelves! 2011-04-05T21:26:15+00:00 2011-04-05T21:46:36+00:00 <p>My latest story in <a href="" target="links"><em>Asimov&#8217;s Science Fiction</em></a>, &ldquo;<a href="" target="links">Apocalypse Daily</a>&rdquo;, is on shelves in the June 2011 issue! (Click the name of the story to read the first few paragraphs!)</p> <p>This is what it looks like:<br /> <center><img src="" alt="June 2011 Asimov's cover" /></center></p> <p>As you can see, the headlining novella is from Portland&#8217;s own <a href="" target="links">Mary Robinette Kowal</a>, Nebula-nominated novelist! Two Portland people! Don&#8217;t you just <em>need</em> a copy?</p> <p><strong>Getting a paper copy:</strong> Traditional newsstands often carry <em>Asimov’s</em>. Many Barnes &amp; Noble locations carry it, but it’s best to call ahead if you’ve never spied it out at that particular store before.</p> <p>Portlanders allergic to big chain stores can head down to <a href="" target="links">Rich’s Cigar Store</a>, which carries <em>Asimov’s</em> in their extensive magazine collection. The main store on SW Alder has the most copies. Also, the <strong>main store will ship magazines to out-of-town customers</strong> — call them up!</blockquote></p> <p>Digital versions will be available soon at Amazon, B&amp;N, Sony, Fictionwise, et c. I will update this post as I discover these editions are available.</p> Newsstand date for "Apocalypse Daily" 2011-02-18T23:22:14+00:00 2011-02-19T16:13:22+00:00 <p>The June issue of <a href="" target="links"><em>Asimov&#8217;s Science Fiction</em></a> is due on newsstands April 5, and will be out to subscribers earlier still. This one will contain my story &#8220;Apocalypse Daily&#8221;, a tantalizing snippet of which can be obtained <a href="">from this earlier blog post</a>.</p> <p>As usual, I will announce its availability at the top of my blog-voice when it occurs, but if you want to set a calendar alarm too&#8230;then you&#8217;re probably related to me!</p> Top Ten Favorite Fictional Ships 2010-12-26T13:38:04+00:00 2010-12-26T13:38:21+00:00 <p>Because I recently named a vehicle, this <em>burning question</em> has been on my mind. (Wikipedia links contain spoilers, natch.) List subject to change without notice if I remember any more awesome vessels!</p> <ol> <li><strong>The Millennium Falcon</strong> &#8211; &#8220;I got your promise: not a scratch?&#8221;</li> <li><strong><span class="caps">USS</span> Enterprise-D</strong> &#8211; Icon of my formative years. I still physically wince when I watch <a href="" target="links">&#8220;Cause and Effect&#8221;</a>. Or <a href="" target="links"><em>Generations</em></a>, but please, who doesn&#8217;t?</li> <li><strong>Serenity</strong> &#8211; My favorite episode is <a href="" target="links">&#8220;Out of Gas&#8221;</a>.</li> <li><strong>(<span class="caps">SSV</span>) Normandy</strong> &#8211; Hey, <a href="" target="links">giving me a ship</a> is a good way to engage my affections. If you have a yacht on hand, I invite you to check if this works for non-fictional craft!</li> <li><b><span class="caps">HMS</span> Surprise </b>- Yes, I know there are real <span class="caps">HMS</span> <em>Surprise</em>s. But none of them have Jack Aubrey&#8217;s initials carved into the cap of the masthead, which <a href="" target="links">this one</a> does.</li> <li><strong><span class="caps">USS</span> Enterprise (-A)</strong> &#8211; It is a classic, I&#8217;ll admit.</li> <li><strong>The Dawn Treader</strong></li> <li><strong>The White Star</strong> &#8211; Despite the <a href="" target="links">dilution effect</a>.</li> <li><strong><span class="caps">USS</span> Defiant</strong> &#8211; It looks like an anteater, but then, my high school mascot was an aardvark.</li> <li><strong>Johnny Dooit&#8217;s sand-boat</strong> &#8211; From <em><a href="" target="links">The Road to Oz</a></em>. If anyone reading didn&#8217;t need to be told, then I salute you!</li> </ol> Projected issue for "Apocalypse Daily" 2010-12-07T17:10:11+00:00 2010-12-07T17:10:42+00:00 <p>My story &#8220;Apocalypse Daily&#8221;, whose sale to <a href="" target="links"><em>Asimov&#8217;s</em></a> I trumpeted <a href="" target="links">in an earlier blog post</a>, has an <span class="caps">ETA</span>! It is slated to appear in the June issue of <em>Asimov&#8217;s</em>. I will post again when I know the exact newsstand date, but I believe it will be in April.</p> <p>Click through to <a href="" target="links">the original announcement</a> if you would like to read a teaser from the beginning of this story. I&#8217;m excited for it to make its debut!</p> "Conditional Love" to appear in Escape Pod podcast! 2010-09-22T02:15:13+00:00 2010-10-03T12:52:27+00:00 <p>If you missed <a href="" target="links">&#8220;Conditional Love&#8221;</a> when it appeared in January&#8217;s <em><a href="" target="links">Asimov&#8217;s Science Fiction</a></em>, you will have another chance! I found out today that <a href="" target="links"><em>Escape Pod</em></a> bought my story!</p> <p>I&#8217;ve been listening to <em>Escape Pod</em> for a while (although my reluctance to take walks whilst the daystar is holding its cruel summer sway has led to a podcast backlog) and it is a consistently excellent podcast. I am extremely glad to have my story there, and I look forward to hearing what they do with it!</p> How do you say "Conditional Love" in Polish? 2010-09-15T16:31:45+00:00 2010-09-15T16:31:51+00:00 <p>I should find out in December, when my story will be reprinted in Poland&#8217;s anthology <a href="|en"><em>Kroki w nieznane</em></a> (Steps Into the Unknown), edited by Mirosław Obarski.</p> <p>This will be my <a href="" target="links">second translation</a> overall, and the first time one of my stories has been invited to a reprint anthology in any language. I&#8217;m very pleased, especially because the anthology has an interesting background and a history of very high-powered authors in its pages.</p> <p>I&#8217;m so happy to see my stories travel around the world!</p>