Comments on "Portland Monthly Magazine article out!" - Faerye Net 2011-04-30T20:49:56+00:00 Gotta love it! 2011-04-30T20:49:56+00:00 2011-04-30T20:49:56+00:00 <p>Congratulations! I’ve made up a 2-page handout in case I ever get to teach scifi again and I can point to you and say: “I know her!”</p> Jan Priddy Congrats! Shooting Star! 2011-04-29T10:05:55+00:00 2011-04-29T10:05:55+00:00 <p>Felicity,<br /> So proud – this is a great write-up and you look beautiful in your photo. Congrats rising star of Portland’s writing community!</p> Jeannine Hall Gailey